Penny Stock Investor Relations (IR)

Cervitude IR is dedicated to providing Investor Relations services to Penny Stock Companies and Micro Cap companies trading either on a public exchange or over-the-counter.  Our social media platform and list of over 20 websites are ALL geared toward providing a penny stock company with the best and most cost efficient Investor Relations services available anywhere.

Penny Stock Internet Promotions

The online investment community can be your most important exposure to microcap investors and investment groups, institutions, venture capital and business audiences world-wide. Whether it’s the entire creation of a website or simple cosmetic and/or presentation improvements, our experienced outside consultants will work with us side by side, dedicated to improving your corporate image.  Beyond building websites for our publicly traded clients, we have mediums to profile your company or your clients company as the next big penny stock ready to increase it’s market cap.

Institutional Targeting — We monitor the trading activity of your institutional investors, interested in penny stocks and micro cap companies, while targeting new institutional and/or venture capital partnerships. We will identify the institutions that are most likely to invest in your company. We actively pursue venture capital and institutional investors in our perpetual mission for optimal shareholder value.  We also keep close contact with other penny stock promoters and penny stock investor relations offices to make sure we have maximum reach in the penny stock arena.

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Penny Stock IR

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