Selling a Business

Selling a business involves a series of steps that smoothly transfers the business to new owners.  When business owners have made the decision to sell a business, whether public or private, steps must be taken to assure that the business is primarily marketed to the right buyers.  This means that the proper marketing campaign must be effectively run to command the attention of potential buyers.  Cervitude Intelligent Relations guides potential business sellers on all aspects of selling a business from beginning to end.  This can include:

  • Creating initial marketing material for the sale of the business
  • Marketing the business to potential buyers
  • Negotiating terms for the sale of the business
  • Retaining additional counsel for the sale of the business
  • Drafting and reviewing purchase agreements, due diligence checklists, government forms, etc.
  • Closing the sale

When it is finally time to close a business sale, preparing a closing day to-do list and understanding what will happen will ease the transition.  Cervitude™ Consulting will help take the time and energy to create a due diligence checklist to assure you sell your business for maximum value and with limited liability.  Our consultants demand from buyers what our clients are wishing.  Ready to sell your business?  Contact us today:

selling a business