Social Media Management

The team at Cervitude handles Social Media Management for companies. This includes content creation, scheduling post, responding to social media interactions and more. If you are ready to scale your social media to another level and have a professional social media management team present at all times, then Cervitude can help.

Marketing and engagement via social media is not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. Engagement is the key catalyst for social media marketing and can be a solution to customer service issues. Our Social Media Management services focus on sustainably facilitating communication via social media channels on a 24-hour basis.

Our process can include

  1. Social media profile creation. This includes creating or positioning logos, designing header banners, establishing company profiles and descriptions on social media accounts, and an initial follower and following base.
  2. A social media content creation strategy. This will delineate what content will be created and in what format. This can include text post, pictures or graphics, videos, whiteboard animations, gifs, and more. The social media content creation strategy will set guidelines for internal and external content creators on what content the company expects to distribute and on what timeline.
  3. Social media content creation and distribution. In the third phase we develop the content to distribute on social media channels and begin scheduling the post on social media in a systematic fashion. This will include scheduling social media posts for certain holidays and events that are time sensitive.  Distribution includes the posting on each social media channel according to the timeline set in #2
  4. Follow up and engagement. After the content is created and the posts are scheduled, the job becomes to respond to interactions on social media and follow up with any inquiries or comments left on social media sites. In addition, our social Media Management Services continue to engage with top influencers and strategic partners on social media platforms within a client companies core.

Our process is simple and effective and is flexible to meet our clients needs. We manage several types of social media platforms including but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google Plus and even comment marketing. Not only can we handle organic social media marketing efforts, we can also run paid advertisements on all social media platforms. If you are ready to have a professional social media management company handle all of your social media needs, Reach Out:

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