Outbound Call Center Services

Cervitude IR Outbound Call Center Services handle all outbound phone calls for your business.  Regardless of whether you need a professional team to reach out to potential investors or an outbound call team to schedule meetings for your executives; Cervitude IR can handle it.

Cervitude IR Outbound Call Center Services can place thousands of calls per week and there is no amount of outbound phone call traffic, big or small, which our call centers can not handle.  Our phone receptionist are internally trained and follow professional scripts designed and tailored with our clients, or created by the Cervitude IR team.  Some of our call center services include:

  • Calling & Prospecting Accredited Investors
  • Venture Capital Appointment Scheduling
  • Market Research & Surveys
  • Product & Service Telemarketing
  • and more

Cervitude IR also offers inbound call center services and virtual receptionist services.  Let’s talk shop about taking your business to the next level:

outbound investor relations call centers