Do you need to delist a current public company? Being a public company has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, a public company may need to delist from a stock exchange into a private company. Other times, a company may need to delist from a stock exchange and relist on a smaller exchange. This is often called a downlisting.

The reasons for delisting or downlisting can vary.  At times, there is no need to be a public company anymore or the public company does not meet the criteria set forth by the stock exchange where they are currently listed. There are circumstances where the fees of the current stock exchange are to cumbersome for the public company and they are better suited on a smaller exchange.

Whatever the reason, we help companies list their companies on all major stock exchanges and we assist in the delisting, downlisting or uplisting (when a company goes from a smaller stock exchange to a larger stock exchange) of companies. A company’s management is focused on growing a profitable business and when the time arises to take action in the public markets, we are ready.

Common transactions within engagements for the delistings or down-listing of a public company include;

  • Regulatory filings with government agencies
  • Applications and forms filed with stock exchanges and over the counter markets
  • Organizing the transaction with third parties, stock transfer agents, broker dealers and market makers
  • Analytical & strategic decision making on the best course of action between exchanges in the public and private markets
  • Communication with stock holders, stake holders and the investing public

Delisting or moving your public company from one stock exchange to another is a core competency at Cervitude IR. Ready to take action, we can:

  • Dowlist your Nasdaq or NYSE company to OTC Markets Inc.
  • Downlist you NYSE company to a smaller Nasdaq exchange
  • Downlist your OTC Markets Inc. company to a private stock exchange
  • Delist your company to a private company

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable investor relations representatives to discuss exactly what your company is seeking to accomplish. Our initial free consultations allow you to get a feel for our business consultants and will give you the opportunity to ask questions and see if an engagement with Cervitude Intelligent Relations is a good fit for your situation.

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