Pre IPO Business Plans

Going public is an exciting event; but first you need to build an awesome business and make sure investors understand what you do and how you expect to grow into a giant business.  Before the IPO comes a slew of business & legal documents including but not limited to Business Plans, Financial Statements, Letters from Attorneys, Private Placement Memorandums, Stock Subscription Agreements and more.  After servicing clients in this sector Cervitude™ Intelligent Relations Consulting saw a special kind of business plan needed by clients worthy of the most sophisticated investors.

Our Business Plan writing services for pre-IPO companies includes a board room presentation quality business plan along with past, present & forecast-ed financial statements.

A company’s future value and stock price will depend on how well it presented its business plan prior to an Initial Public Offering; both to pre-ipo stock purchasers & the general public that will buy the stock on the open market.

Pre-IPO is a hectic time and things move fast and need to get done faster.  Cervitude™ Intelligent Relations Consulting becomes a team member and facilitates an expedited process to deliver a custom business plan to our clients standards.

Are you going public or having an IPO soon and need professional consultants to write a business plan for your company?  Cervitude™ started as an Investor Relations firms where we helped pre-ipo clients, reverse merger clients and OTC Traded Company clients develop and present their business plans.  Contact us.

pre-ipo business plan writing service