Social Media IR

When utilized correctly, an investment into social media can do wonders for investor relations.  Social media allows you to connect with 3.5 billion people across the world and understanding the applications in the investor relations world can increase efficiency in public company investor relations and marketing programs.

Cervitude™ Social Media Investor Relations Mission: Streamline access to capital for emerging companies by facilitating dialogue with and among investors through social networking and online brand optimization.  Demonstrate value through ROI analysis and reporting, documenting performance in corporate awareness and capital advisory.

Elements of our social media investor relations programs integrate with our custom tailored full service investor relations programs or stand alone as an add-on to your current investor relations program.   Our approach targets potential investors for your company via social media while marketing to potential clients, customers or strategic partners.  Some service deliverables that can be expected include:

  • Corporate Branding – brand design & creation , financial modeling and projections, impactful corporate collateral (web design, investor deck, fact sheet), establishment of  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all social media accounts
  • Content Generation – thoughtful, custom analysis and ongoing, message centered, editorial commentary, crafted to engage and move to action
  • Postings & Engagement – post creation , direct contact with influencers in your sector, replies to targeted postings, response to online inquiries, automated social media features, pay-per-click budget management

Email us today to schedule a time with our consultants to discuss how our social media investor relations services may benefit your company:

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