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Private Placement Memorandum Development & Writing

If you are looking to develop a private placement memorandum, then the Consultants at Cervitude Intelligent Relations can help. Our veteran financial consultants understand how to structure a company, how to establish equity and debt positions and how to put all of that information into a private placement memorandum. If you are looking for a private placement memorandum to be written, please contact one of our Consultants today.

A private placement memorandum allows a company to sell shares of a corporation or membership interest in a limited liability company. It can also act as a medium to sell debt instruments in a company; such as a bond.  A private placement memorandum acts as a prospectus to potential investors and showcases the company’s business plan, management and executives, risks, and the type of security being offered in the private placement.  This lengthy document covers more than what was just stated and normally can be up to 50 pages or more. The details in a private placement memorandum are important as they will be relied upon by the investor in making their investment decision. When putting together a private placement memorandum a company should be sure to have a professional that understands private placement memorandums and that can go through a checklist of due diligence items before making the private placement memorandum available to the public or accredited investors.

After the pitch deck, after the business plan, after the fancy presentation, many times investors are ready to invest and sometimes a business does not know the next step. Generally the next step is a private placement memorandum being sent to the potential investor. This private placement memorandum comes in conjunction with an investor questionnaire to assure that the investor meets the criteria set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission for that particular private placement. The private placement memorandum also includes a subscription agreement where the potential investor signs off on how many shares or membership units he will purchase on the closing date. The subscription agreement acts as a legal document which can be relied on by the corporation or company.

Do you need a private placement memorandum written and developed for your company? We have helped hundreds of clients developed private placement memorandum to meet their fundraising needs. If you are seeking a professional private placement memorandum writer, contact us today:

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