Uplisting your public company from a smaller exchange to a larger stock exchange can open the door to bigger banks, well-funded venture capital groups and other parties focused on large exchange investing. In addition, it brings the credibility that comes along with getting traded on major stock exchanges like The New York Stock Exchange/Euronext or Nasdaq.

While the reasons for uplisting a company vary, there are some reason to not uplist a company to a large exchange.  The increased cost and more regulatory matters are among the reasons why a company may not want to uplist their company to a bigger exchange.  In some cases a company is forced on to a bigger stock exchange or has valid reasons why the company needs to be on a bigger stock exchange. When this is the case, Cervitude Consultants guide the process from one exchange to another in a seamless manner.

We help clients with all facets of the uplisting process which can include:

  • Handling correspondences between management, stock exchanges, stakeholders and other regulatory bodies.
  • Facilitating paperwork with FINRA and the Securities & Exchange Commission.
  • Syndicating the proper network of broker dealers, investment banks and funds.
  • Registering or changing new stock symbols.
  • Consulting on which stock exchange is best suited for the company to uplist.

When clients are ready to make the big move from a smaller stock exchange to a large player; the commitment extends far into the future and our Consultants help make sure that the company management is well suited for the opportunity.  Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation on see how our team can add value to your management’s goal of uplisting your company.

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