S Corporation Entity Formations for Your Startup

Looking to get your S Corporation Entity Formation done quick and easy?

Get Your S Corporation Entity Formation Out of The Way

An S corporation (also referred to as an S Corp) is a special type of corporation created through an IRS tax election. An eligible domestic corporation can avoid double taxation (once to the corporation and again to the shareholders) by electing to be treated as an S corporation. Here at Cervitude, we have assisted many clients to get their S Corporation Entity Formation done right. With clientele in all industries, we have experience in all types of Entity Formation. To get a better look at all services provided by us please take a look at our shop, we offer a wide range of services to help Startups and established businesses grow to meet their potential.

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Reach out to us here at Cervitude to get your company’s S Corporation Entity Formation out of the way!

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OTC Market Awareness Campaign “Name Your Price”

Back in 2013, we pioneered the OTC Investor Relations world with the “Name Your Own Price” Investor Relations campaign. The marketing program was so successful among micro cap companies and OTC companies that we decided to bring it back better in 2022.

The Micro Cap Chicken and Egg Problem

We hear it far to often at Cervitude IR when talking to OTC and micro cap company CEOs, “I need good marketing, but don’t have the money…I can get the money once I have better marketing of my public company.”

We get it.

The awesome thing about trading on the OTC Markets or Nasdaq is that companies can use shares in their company to compensate partners, employees, contractors and more. Knowing this, we created the “Name Your Price” OTC Market Awareness Campaign.

“Those who stop marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time.”

-Henry Ford

Obviously some things take cash, like a Pay Per Click Campaign on Google Ads or Facebook. But many OTC companies investor relations tactics and marketing efforts do not cost money – just some sweat equity. Enter Cervitude IR to help. The process is simple.

  1. Send us your budget: This could be an all cash budget (one time or monthly) or an all stock budget or a combination of the two.
  2. Tell us what you hope to achieve: Examples can be simple things like “more consistent press releases” or “more engagement on social media”. It can also be in depth like setting up an outbound call center to reach accredited investors.
  3. We will put together a market awareness campaign focused on generating the right eyeballs for your company.

The best way to get maximum value for your micro cap company is to schedule a free exploratory call with our IR & PR team.

Do not get confused by our professional appearance and consulting buzz term. We are worker bees and aggressively promote and market all of our clients. We understand that the proper marketing becomes a life line for OTC and publicly traded companies and assure that our clients are introduced to the proper institutional and retail investors as well as other marketing mediums in the investing world.

Contact us today. Click here.

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Demolition Plan Development

Demolition plans are developed to showcase to government agencies and contractors the plan of action to demolish a building or parts of a building.

There are several types of demolition that can take place. Buildings can be demolished in whole or in part, sometimes called a select demolition. Commercial Demolition By Explosion or Implosion is also another way building get taken down. These demolitions usually use explosives. Then there is commercial demolition by machine and commercial demolition by hand.

Depending on the property, some demolition have special rules, such as demolitions that contain asbestos or emergency demolition plans. Demolition Plans must be clear and easily understood by people with varying levels of education. At a minimum, demolition plans should include:

  1. Site Plan
  2. Building Structure
  3. Weakened Structure Statement
  4. Fences and Gates
  5. Demolition Safety Zone
  6. Require Protections
  7. Demolition Sequence
  8. Shoring and Bracing
  9. Debris Removal
  10. Mechanical Demolition Equipment
  11. Water Supply
  12. Other Requirements

Each of these sections is eleabnorated on in the demolition plan. For example. Require protections can include the protecting of adjoinging roofs or sidewalks and additional fencing.

Depending on the County, City or State…the demolition plan can be shorten or lengthen to meet the criteria of agencies involved.

Cervitude IR has developed demolition plans for emergency demolitions, select demolitions, and complete demolitions. If you or your company is seeking to have a demolition plan written, contact us today.

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Things to Know Before You File a Trademark Application

We file applications for trademarks for our clients. But if you are filing an application on your own, take the time to watch this video before you file an application with the USPTO.gov

This video provides an overview of the most important issues you should be aware of when filing a trademark application. It covers such topics as trademark availability searching, ownership information, differences between drawings and specimens, identifications of goods and services, and filing bases. WARNING: Failure to understand these topics can create major deficiencies in your application or result in an application that is void from the start.

The time for a trademark to be filed, after all steps are completed, varies but currently sits at between 2 to 8 months. For this reason, you want to be sure you are filing these trademark applications correctly.

Keep in mind…

You can use “TM” for goods or “SM” for services even if you haven’t filed an application to register your trademark.

Once you register your trademark with The United States Patent & Trademark Office, use an ® with the trademark.

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OTC Companies Investor Relations Tactics

The line between investor relations and marketing for over-the-counter traded companies has been blurred over the past 10 years or so. As an executive of an OTC markets traded company, you have probably gotten dozens of emails from marketing companies, seeing you eyeballs to your stock, liquidity, increased volume and sometimes….an increased stock price. Buyer beware!

Professional investor relations companies traditionally do not focus their efforts on marketing a company stock, rather they focus on telling investors the company’s story and keeping an open dialogue between the company and investors. Here are a few tactics that’ll TC companies should utilize when engaging with an investor relations campaign:

Dedicated Phone Line: Having a dedicated phone line for shareholders or potential investors to call is a way to not tie up the corporate line and still have investors be able to reach the company.

Regularly Scheduled Press Releases: disseminating information about the company regularly via press releases allows investors to stay informed and it limits the need for investors to reach out to the company with questions. Being proactive with information is always better then withholding information and waiting for investors to reach out.

Shareholder Events: This can be as simple as a shareholder call or as elaborate as a shareholder events at your headquarters or a set location. We recently threw a shareholder event for notc company clients. The reaction was wonderful as shareholders love the ability to engage with employees and executives to ask questions. They also get to see the company firsthand and this is priceless as many companies trading over-the-counter do not have operations.

Engagement on Social Media: In 2012 we were already pioneers in Social Media Investor Relations. Today it may seem normal, but companies are still using social media wrong. Many of them use it as a megaphone to distribute news when it really should be used as a telephone to communicate with potential shareholders in existing shareholders. The ability to have direct discussions with investors online is one of the golden opportunities of social media. Take advantage of it.

When done correctly, investor relations does not just keep the investing public informed about your company, it creates General market awareness about your products, services and even where your OTC company is going in the future. Need help? Cervitude IR can help. Contact us for a free consultation with our IR experts.

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OTC Companies Thrive With This

Many OTC traded companies have limited resources. Here are a few hacks that make OTC companies thrive:

Hootsuite: The social media aggregator is a perfect way to preset updates for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Take a weekend to preset your posts for the year.

Investor Conferences: Planet Micro Cap and LD Micro are just who investor conferences that tailor themselves to micro-cap companies. There’s plenty of value in attending.

Digital Pitch Decks: Most companies have a pitch deck. Take the pitch deck and publish it on different platforms online including LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, SlideShare and more. This helps SEO and presents your company as an authority in your field of business.

Preset Blogs: Take a weekend to write 12 articles. Preset these articles to publish once a month. Your blog will look live for the next year.

Investor Relations Database: Emails inquiring about your stock, phone calls inquiring about your company, comments on Facebook or Twitter…these are all existing or potential investors. Create a database re-market to them.

Social Media Engagement: Many people use social media as a megaphone instead of its intended use, a telephone. Start conversations, respond to comments and engage with your potential investor base.

… When Financial capital is limited, these creative hacks can help your company gain exposure in the marketplace. Need help? We can help. Reach out to us to schedule a call to discuss further.

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Top 10 Best Website Design Agencies in Connecticut

Best website design company in Connecticut (CT)

As a Connecticut website design agency, we’ve come across a few competitors that are really bringing the heat! To show our appreciation for these agencies doing the website design community a huge favor, we’ve aggregated a list of our favorite CT Website Design Agencies that you should absolutely consider for your next project!

  1. Cervitude Intelligent Relations
  2. Energy Marketing Company
  3. Zero Gravity Marketing
  4. Palm Tree Branding & Website Design
  5. Stratedia
  6. CT Website Design
  7. Expand Web Design
  8. (a)squaredstudio Web Design & Graphic Design
  9. Hartford Web Design
  10. AWR Web Design
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How To Get Your SEC Form 3 Done Right

Want to get your SEC Form 3 out of the way? Need an SEC Form you need finished?

The Best Method to Finishing Your SEC Form 3

Here at Cervitude we take the extra step for all of our clients. Our team of professionals is highly experienced in handling SEC Forms, and all the intricacies they entail. We have assisted countless clients with SEC Form 3 and are fully prepared to make the process seamless for your new or existing business. We have also designed a variety of services all custom-tailored to help your business grow to the full potential you envision. Whatever the business need, Cervitude is here to help!

3 Quick Tips For Your SEC Form 3

  • If filing multiple forms, write your name, date of birth, and A-Number (if any) exactly the same way on each form.
  • Pay the correct fee. They will reject forms submitted with incorrect or incomplete fees. Use the Fee Calculator to help you determine the correct fee.
  • Send single-sided copies of the application(s).

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Reach out to us here at Cervitude for your SEC Form 3 done right, and all other business needs! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

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The Best Web Application Business Plan Templates Made Easy

Looking for a business plan template? Need a Web Application Business Plan Template?

Quick and Easy Web Application Business Plan Templates

Here at Cervitude our Web Application Business Plan Template is perfect for startups, existing companies, or especially those entrepreneurs who are still in the infancy stage of their ideas! With an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and strategic business plan template, Cervitude aims to help your business grow by allowing you to focus on your business, instead of your business plan! The expert team here has also designed a variety of other professional services to further assist your business to surpass expectations. Regardless the business need, Cervitude is here to help!

5 Web Application Industry Tips

  • Think in Terms of Data Relationships.
  • Keep Track of UIs and Websites That Inspire You.
  • Keep the First Version as Simple as Possible.
  • Focus on Behavior and Less on Look-and-Feel.
  • Use Free or Affordable Web Services as Much as Possible.

For a full list of our services: Shop

Reach out to us here at Cervitude for your Web Application Business Plan Template done right!

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Website Design Agency in Morris County, New Jersey

Are you looking for the perfect website design company located near Morris County, New Jersey? Look no further! Cervitude Intelligent Relations is your one-stop-shop for all website needs. While we have offices across the United States, our office in Morris County is 2001 US-46 Suite 310, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ 07054. In-person meetings by appointment only.

Our expert network of website designers, content writers, and business consultants have helped clients ranging from small businesses and start-ups to publicly traded corporations. We’ve helped over 500 clients across the globe develop websites, write business plans, design pitch decks, market on social media, and optimize their business models.

The Process

As a long-time New Jersey Website Design Company, we’ve gotten our services down to a science. We begin our service process through a 100% free, no-obligations, 15-minute phone consultation. During this time, we’ll gather all of the information we need to accurately help you choose what type of website you may need.

Most clients will need a simple 5-page sales website, however, not all businesses are created equal! Some clients need a 1-page website with a contact form, others need a 50-page e-commerce website with expert photography and meticulously crafted copy. During our initial conversation, we’ll help you decipher where you fall in the spectrum.

Depending on the size and scope of your needs, your website will be completed within 7-14 business days. Pricing ranges from $650-$5000, however, almost all of our sites cost between $650 and $999, in addition to a $9.99 monthly hosting and maintenance charge.

Begin The Process

Well… What are you waiting for!? Scale your business NOW using the power of the internet with Cervitude Intelligent Relations! Email us at cervitudenetwork@gmail.com or call us at 203.685.0346 for more details!

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