Crowdfunding Business Plans

This year new crowdfunding regulation has open the doors to equity financing for businesses. In many cases a client company may need a crowdfunding business plan, tailored specifically for their crowdfunding campaign , in a timely manner.

Our Consultants have written over 200 business plans for public companies, small startups, and established businesses. A crowdfunding business plan should be written and tailored specifically to the act of crowdfunding. It should showcase how raising money through crowdfunding impacts the business as well as have all the standard parts of a professional business plan.crowdfundingbusinessplanwritingservice

While crowdfunding has been around for a few years, new legal regulations in the USA now allow for equity crowdfunding. This is an exciting time in history for small businesses giving them an easier route to Capital from a larger group of investors. Now it is as simple as sending someone a link to your profile on a crowdfunding portal, regulated by Finra and the SEC, to view your company prospectus and invest right there from the website. Many regulations still govern equity crowdfunding and our Consultants can help navigate you through the crowdfunding process from beginning to end.

Our crowdfunding business plan writing service allows you to continue focusing on your business and crowdfunding campaign rather than the time-consuming work of developing a great business plan. You can custom Tailor the size of your crowdfunding business plan to range from a short pitch to an extensive business plan for your crowdfunding Campaign which includes balance sheets, cash flow statements, and more. Ready to have us work on your Crowdfunding Business Plan? Contact us today…