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Pros and Cons of IP Holding Companies

Aside from potentially favorable taxation, one of the other major reasons companies move to implement a two-entity IP Holding Company (IPHC) strategy is to bring a more intense, professional and measurable focus to the management and exploitation of their IP assets. Important IP functions such as filings, assignments, marketing and licensing business opportunities would arguably be better managed in an environment set apart from the daily chaos of the executive suite. This, of course, would be the case in almost any size company, but is particularly true in environments where there are significant numbers of IP like trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc. being licensed in or out, moving through the corporate IP portfolio. In that scenario, the two-entity IPHC approach may be the right one, irrespective of almost any other consideration. You want a specialized team whose sole focus is on IP, and opportunities to leverage your IP portfolio to make more revenue and be more efficient. Continue reading

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