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The Key to Solving Micro Cap Liquidity is Better Business Models & Better Management

Of course there are many factors that contribute to a micro cap companies liquidity, whether private or public, but for the purposes of this article we are speaking about companies trading over the counter generally on OTCMarkets Inc. Penny Stocks … Continue reading

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WSJ: Microcap Stocks Proved Big Winners for Mutual-Fund Managers

To post the biggest profits as a mutual-fund manager these days, it seems that you have to be willing to hunt through the stock market’s tiniest companies in search of those likely to grow into tomorrow’s giants. That strategy certainly … Continue reading

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InvestingDaily: Getting Started With Small Cap Stocks

Many online readers have emailed us about how to get started with Small Cap Stock investing.  As a Micro Cap and Small Cap Company Investor Relations firm, we love to teach people about the highs and lows of investing in … Continue reading

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