Strategy Consulting

These volatile and economically challenging times magnify complexity, risk and the implications of every strategic decision. In this environment, sound strategy consulting is more important than ever. An advisor that brings the right combination of provocative perspectives, proven approaches and pragmatic thinking can make a difference in performance, profitability and operational excellence.

Is your consultant providing forward-looking business strategy consulting services based on the operational and business realities of your company and industry?
Practical strategy consulting solutions, tailored to your business.

The Cervitude™ is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm with a strong track record for helping leading global companies address their enterprise challenges-with a focus on delivering sustainable profitability and competitive advantage.
Cervitude™ Unit works collaboratively with our clients, bringing innovative thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic frameworks, and implementation skills to deliver industry-specific strategy consulting services in key areas:

  1. Corporate strategy and strategic planning
  2. Brand strategy, growth and innovation
  3. Organizational effectiveness
  4. Mergers and acquisitions
  5. Functional strategy, including finance strategy, operations consulting, supply chain consulting, outsourcing consulting and procurement strategy

Why choose Cervitude™ as your strategy consulting partner?
Working with The Hackett Group, you get fact-based strategy consulting and solutions, backed by our years of hands-on experience and our proprietary Best Practices Intelligence Center™ – a repository of process metrics, benchmark data and business best practices developed from more than 11,000 projects conducted at the world’s leading companies.
Armed with proven strategies for success as well as deep finance consulting and business transformation experience, Cervitude™ advisors can help you not only formulate winning strategies, but also execute against those strategies by:

  1. Building a compelling business case for change
  2. Devising a detailed implementation road map
  3. Managing change efficiently and effectively, and
  4. Measuring progress against relevant metrics

With offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia and clients in nearly 60 countries, our team can help you navigate global process transformation challenges. We have provided business advisory and executive advisory solutions to nearly 3,500 companies across the globe, including 93 percent of the Dow Jones Industrial Index companies, 86 percent of the Fortune 100 and 87 percent of the DAX 30-helping deliver more than $90 billion in sustainable cost savings and more than $25 billion in improved cash flow.