Penny Stock Promotions

Cervitude™ provides Penny Stock Promotions and Investor Relations services to publicly traded companies on the OTCMarkets, OTCBB, Nasdaq, TSX, ASX, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.  If your penny stock needs to get in front of Millions of people, in a cost effective manner, while highlighting the strengths of your company’s story and future; our penny stock promotions are proven to help get your company in front of the right investors.

Penny Stock Promotions in the past have caught a bad name due to unscrupulous stock promoters that would say or promise anything via press releases and social media to pump up the price of the stock.  These penny stock promoters do not care about the companies stock price after the stock promotion is over and even less about legal ramifications or image pitfalls of their investor relations activities.

Penny Stock Investor Relations needs vetted IR professionals that know what it takes to get the company’s executives in front of “accredited investors” and can advise publicly traded penny stocks on smart sustainable IR objectives.

Email us today to schedule a free consultation on how penny stock promotions can help attract investors and create liquidity for your business venture.  Cervitude™ Investor Relations Consulting’s Penny Stock Promotions has the depth and reach to put you penny stock EVERYWHERE from major financial media to industry specific niche blog websites.

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