Multi Channel Ecommerce Intergration

If you are looking to scale your e-commerce operations and would like to list and sell your products or catalog on multiple e-commerce platforms with one central database, then in essence you need multi-channel ecommerce integration.

Many companies see instant benefits from selling online whether they are selling on Amazon, Ebay,, Alibaba or one of the many e-commerce marketplaces online.  Eventually, companies seek to scale their success onto multiple platforms.  Cervitude™ Strategic e-commerce Consulting can help cut costs and increase profits by implementing and managing ecommerce software programs that will expand a company’s reach.  We can recommend, install and manage multi-channel e-commerce software to increase product sales and reduce costs across the board.

What is Multi Channel Ecommerce Software anyway?

This is simply software that can help you manage products, listings and orders across two or more sales channels.

In the e-commerce world sales channels refer to Marketplaces and your own website. In the simplest terms, a Marketplace is an electronic shopping mall, similar to a brick and mortar mall, where one goes to buy many different products from different sellers. The most important and biggest Marketplaces include eBay, Amazon,, Alibaba and more.

Yep it’s that simple.  Instead of listing one item on one platform, you can list one item and be on multiple platforms at once.  You can also manage orders and shipping from one central source.  Obviously this topic goes a lot deeper but one thing is key though, this is the be-everywhere strategy.  And to do this effectively and have some hair left, you’re going to need to leverage the power and automation that software can provide to help you & your business expand as well as a team that understand multi-channel selling and management.

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