Ecommerce Conversion

Ecommerce Conversion is an integral part of a successful ecommerce operation.  The difference in a 1% product page conversion rate will mean massive improvement into your online retail operations.

Whether you have your own web-store, are selling on a major marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay; or your company is operating in several sectors online — ecommerce conversion consulting helps online retailers sell more.

Cervitude™ Intelligent Relations Ecommerce Conversion Consulting identifies critical elements of your operations that may be missing and assembles a plan of action to fully optimize your online catalog.  Ecommerce Conversion Consulting helps on ecommerce focus areas by answering the following questions (if applicable):

  • Are we attracting the target customers correctly?
  • Is our product or service description accurate and optimized for conversion?
  • Have we used proper “calls to action”?
  • Is our meta-data optimized for search engines around the world?
  • Are we on the right ecommerce platform?

And more…

Cervitude™ Intelligent Relations Ecommerce Consulting estimates the world-wide market within ecommerce to will reach $10 Trillion by 2026 as i currently stands as a $1.6 Trillion yearly opportunity.  Navigating the depths of The Internet of Things (IOT) Cervitude™ Intelligent Relations Ecommerce Consulting exponentially increases the learning curve & competitive advantage of your ecommerce operations through Surveys, Reporting & Implementation of well though-out operational options.  Contact us.

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