Ecommerce & Social Media

The Cervitude™ Strategic eCommerce & Social Media Consulting group works with your team to elevate the sophistication and effectiveness of your eCommerce business and social media marketing & engagement programs.  Our ecommerce & social media mavens have adapted and evolved long-proven direct marketing techniques to the ever-changing world of online sales and social media marketing.

Cervitude™’s Philosophy on eCommerce & Social Media

We identify and track marketing channels separately from transaction channels. A marketing channel generates traffic for a transaction channel. Your social media channels or blog, for example, in most cases would be a marketing channel. Your website, retail store and call center are transaction channels.

We believe it is important to track, create strategies, and acquire tactics for:

  • The growth of web traffic by source, such as marketing channel
  • The conversion, by marketing channel, of traffic into transactions
  • Conversions of the contact transactions types into orders
  • Conversion of new buyers into repeat buyers
  • Engagement for customer service via social media
  • Aggregation & Automation of elements within ecommerce & social media strategies

Cervitude™ Proven Consultative Approach

With over 10 years of experience behind us, our Phased Consultative Approach in ecommerce & social media provides the framework within which we focus our consultation on your specific needs, situation, objectives, and opportunities. Our constant focal point is the projects and tests that have the potential to “move the needle.” We balance those projects and tests that have immediate potential gains – with those that have long-run significance.

Proven eCommerce & Social Media Management Best Practices

Our team will work with you and your team to ensure that eCommerce & social media best practices are implemented in a unique manner fitting your exact needs. Our services are specifically tailored to find those strategies and tactics that can drive significant growth for your key performance indications, and ultimately to grow your revenue.

We invite you to put us to the test.  Contact us today: