4 Things We Look For from OTC Investor Relations Clients

The OTC is riddled with many types of companies and at Cervitude IR, we vet to assure that our investor relations services add value to our clients. Our criteria is simple:

The 4 Things We Look For in IR Clients

Sectors We Love

We seek to invest our time and resources on clients that are in growing, sustainable sectors; which we believe will still be around hundreds, if not 1,000s of years from now.

Great Leaders & People

We seek CEOs and Management that are ambitious, coachable and have a proven track record.

Solid Cap Structure

Simple, solid and sound cap structures that are undervalued when compared to the current state of the business potential.

A Real Business

In regards to Investor Relations, we currently do not cater to startups. Our IR department’s mandate is “…a real business, with real customers.” Even if it’s only one sale, we can help scale.

We still assist startup and pre-revenue companies with business formations, trademarks, business plans and investor presentations. And no worries, once you achieve revenue, we’ll be right here to help.

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