Sample Startup Business Plan Executive Summary

Below is a sample startup business plan executive summary:

FresheTech is a new startup company that seeks to revolutionize the way people access and share information through their mobile devices. Our mission is to provide innovative and affordable solutions that enable users to access and share data quickly and securely.

We have developed an app that will allow users to store and share data on their mobile devices without the need for an internet connection. This app will also provide users with the ability to access relevant real-time information, such as news, entertainment, health, and more. Our app will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

We have identified and secured key partnerships with media outlets, app developers, and mobile carriers that will allow our customers to access and share data at the highest quality and most affordable prices. We have also designed a sleek and intuitive user interface that will appeal to our target demographic of young professionals.

With an experienced team that includes software engineers, marketers, and designers, we are confident in our ability to launch our product in the coming months. We plan to raise $1 million in seed funding to support our product launch and build out our team. We believe our product will be a major success and will revolutionize the way people access and share information.

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