How OTC Companies Will Win in 2023

Happy New Year!

It’s been a wild ride and 2022 has taught me quite a bit. Some things haven’t changed and many things have. Here’s a shorthand list I made about what it will take to win in the OTC in 2023:

  • Stay consistent. Show up everyday.
  • Do the RIGHT work, not busy work.
  • Have a plan. Map it out to the end.
  • A FOCUS on making money rather than raising money.
  • Use artificial intelligent tools to generate content and scale marketing.
  • Action steps executed with ruthless speed. Failing forward fast.
  • STRATEGIC acquisitions and mergers
  • CEOs & Management of OTC Cos must improve their Circle of Influence

I write these notes down to remind myself when vetting clients and investing … I hope they are somehow helpful to you and I wish you a very prosperous New Year and beyond!

Nicholas Coriano, Partner at Cervitude Intelligent Relations

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