OTC Market Awareness Campaign “Name Your Price”

Back in 2013, we pioneered the OTC Investor Relations world with the “Name Your Own Price” Investor Relations campaign. The marketing program was so successful among micro cap companies and OTC companies that we decided to bring it back better in 2022.

The Micro Cap Chicken and Egg Problem

We hear it far to often at Cervitude IR when talking to OTC and micro cap company CEOs, “I need good marketing, but don’t have the money…I can get the money once I have better marketing of my public company.”

We get it.

The awesome thing about trading on the OTC Markets or Nasdaq is that companies can use shares in their company to compensate partners, employees, contractors and more. Knowing this, we created the “Name Your Price” OTC Market Awareness Campaign.

“Those who stop marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time.”

-Henry Ford

Obviously some things take cash, like a Pay Per Click Campaign on Google Ads or Facebook. But many OTC companies investor relations tactics and marketing efforts do not cost money – just some sweat equity. Enter Cervitude IR to help. The process is simple.

  1. Send us your budget: This could be an all cash budget (one time or monthly) or an all stock budget or a combination of the two.
  2. Tell us what you hope to achieve: Examples can be simple things like “more consistent press releases” or “more engagement on social media”. It can also be in depth like setting up an outbound call center to reach accredited investors.
  3. We will put together a market awareness campaign focused on generating the right eyeballs for your company.

The best way to get maximum value for your micro cap company is to schedule a free exploratory call with our IR & PR team.

Do not get confused by our professional appearance and consulting buzz term. We are worker bees and aggressively promote and market all of our clients. We understand that the proper marketing becomes a life line for OTC and publicly traded companies and assure that our clients are introduced to the proper institutional and retail investors as well as other marketing mediums in the investing world.

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