Startup Construction Company Executive Summary Template for Your Business Plan

[[BUSINESS_NAME]] will specialize in all areas of construction, working extensively across the [[CITY, STATE]] area. The company will supply top-quality construction work to some of the biggest [[REGION]] construction projects.    In addition, the company will also provide general contracting services for a wide variety of projects. The company will operate using a customer-oriented business model, focusing on service-driven results. Throughout years of experience in the industry, company management has provided high-level services for countless customers.  This experience and knowledge will help us provide high-quality service to our customers, strategically stock our inventory with lucrative products, and increase the chances of a high turnover ratio. 


The Company’s founder(s) envision [[BUSINESS_NAME]] dominating the construction and contracting space by becoming a staple in the industry, known strictly as reliable and efficient. [[BUSINESS_NAME]] will continue to build off the goodwill that its management has garnered throughout their careers, allowing the business to start up with ease.


  • The primary objective in this business plan is to showcase the potential and viability of the Business and roadmap the next 5 years after the initial startup. 
  • Attain annual sales increase of 10% from Years 2 through 5. 
  • [[BUSINESS_NAME]] will establish and expand the presence of the company online, allowing for a web-based storefront to serve customers that are consistently seeking construction services (as well as to remarket to our regular loyal customer base).
  • Expand marketing operations via the implementation of a mailing strategy by the end of the first year.
  • Expand to another State by the fifth year of business and implement franchising or corporate-owned service centers.

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