CT Investor Relations Firm Reveals It’s 10 Best Practices When Dealing with Investors

As a CT Investor Relations firm, we’ve developed a few key practices for dealing with investors. By adequately positioning your company’s story in the community of investors, you build a high-quality, long-standing base of shareholders that helps to increase your equity market value. However, to build a great investor relations strategy, you first have to have the knowledge that will position you to best interact with investors.

  1. Don’t be afraid to release both the good and the bad. It builds trust with investors, both new and old. 
  2. Adapt to change. FAST.  
  3. Stay visible in the eye of the public.
  4. Don’t wing it. Make calculated decisions to limit risk and build investor confidence.
  5. Target the correct accounts. Target the investor that’s going to invest $1 million, not $100.
  6. Stay visible in the eye of the public.
  7. Be quick to respond. Provide guidance. 
  8. Ignore the stock rating. Focus on building a company, not a persona.
  9. Treat analysts and portfolio managers as equals. 
  10. Mix up management. Investors love to see a fresh face with something to prove.

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