Connecticut Investor Relation Firm Reveals It’s 6 Questions Every Investor Should Ask When Deciding To Invest In Your Company

As a Connecticut Investor Relations firm, we’ve come across our fair share of investors. Each investor’s investment strategy is unique to their own tastes. However, by understanding your potential investor’s most likely concerns and anticipating commonly asked questions, you can help yourself better craft your message with what the investor might want to hear when making an investment decision.

There are 6 common questions, particularly, that potential investors are likely to inquire about when seeking more information about you and your market opportunity.

Use the checklist below to prepare your answers to these common investor questions prior to your next meeting.

  1. What’s the history of your company?
  2. How strong is your leadership/management team?
  3. What is the competitive landscape of your industry/market?
  4. How large is your market opportunity?
  5. Why is it necessary for me to own your stock at this particular moment?
  6. How does the company have the resources to fulfill it’s current promises?

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