Investor Outreach Call Center

When finding the investor for your next big project, reaching out to them directly can play a huge role in your success. By demonstrating that you have the tenacity to send a representative to their doorstep, you psychologically signal that you’re confident in your idea. In addition to this, any investor knows that call centers aren’t cheap. It shows that you’re committed to building your business, one call at a time. Our expert team of marketing, sales, and investor relations agents ensure that if there’s an investor worthy of your cause, they’ll hear about it!

Our Outbound Call Center Services are meticulously planned by our team and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Your time is valuable, so our goal is to best prepare potential leads while taking up the least amount of your time possible.

Your Outbound Call Center Services Contract will be conducted by 1 lead investor relations agent and a team of small-dedicated call agents over a 3 month period.  The core of activities will include:

  • Building a Book of Targeted Accredited Investors
  • Building a Script to set Appointments with Targeted Accredited Investors
  • Training Call Agents on the Script to set Appointments with Targeted Accredited Investors
  • Setting Appointments with Targeted Accredited Investors for Client.

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