Connecticut IR Firm Gives You Their Secret To Successful Earnings Calls

Your company’s earnings call is your biggest opportunity to effectively communicate your company’s successes. These calls give investors, analysts, and the public a peek into key performance measures and financial metrics. These calls are critical to your investor relations strategy.

  1. Don’t forget to heavily prepare for the Q&A section: This goes without saying, but the last thing you want to say during an earnings call is “I don’t know”.
  2. Strategically plan the release of information: Quarterly earning reports should be released at the close of trading on the day before your call. This allows investors to prepare questions and reduces redundancies. This allows your calls to be more explorative, as opposed to repetitive.
  3. Make prepared marks shorter: Prepared remarks often come across as mundane and forced. Instead, focus on 3 key points you’d like to get across. After that, switch to the Q&A portion. This truly allows investors to recieve the information that’s the most powerful, and it increases trust in transparency.
  4. Date and time are important: One of the worst things you can do is schedule your earnings call on the same date as other companies. Ensure your earnings call doesn’t overlap with major investment powerhouses, such as Apple or Tesla.

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