Profitable RFP Writing Service in Massachusetts

We get it. Writing an RFP isn’t easy. From the cumbersome, head-spinning documents to never feeling like it’s enough, RFP writing can be incredibly disheartening. Oftentimes, business owners and internal marketing teams will spend countless hours on developing an RFP just to have a half-finished document that’s never touched again. Even worse, many will spend even longer to never even be considered by the organization they’re responding to.

Enter Cervitude Intelligent Relations. 

Cervitude IR has helped dozens of clients across the United States write and win RFPs ranging from United States Military contracts to multi-million dollar contracts put out by the New York City government. We’ve helped clients ranging from small businesses to large restaurateurs. 

So, what’s the process like? Glad you asked!

First, we have a discovery phone call where we both decide if developing a relationship would be mutually beneficial to both of our companies. During this time, we’ll gather all of the information we need to quote your project. Following this, you retain our services via a one-time payment ranging from $750 to $2,999. After this, we have our second consultation where we gather any and all information we need to develop your winning RFP. 7 to 14 business days later, you have your first draft RFP. Any revisions needed will be taken care of immediately, at which time you’ll have a completed RFP ready for submission.

That’s it! It’s really that easy!

For more information, call or text 203-685-0346. For the fastest response, email us at!  

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