Investor Relations 101 : Reverse Stock Splits

In the past year, we have made a conscious effort to disseminate the trade secrets and inner workings of how to effectively run and investor relations campaign or an investor relations department of a public company.   As of recently, we have begun to vlog about some tactics and strategies that may be useful to IR teams.  In this vlog, we discuss what a reverse stock split means to a growing public company. We have previously given some guidance on our blog where we published an article called “What is a Reverse Stock Split”, in this video we go more in-depth into when and why a company should perform the act.

Because many stock exchanges and over the counter markets require a public company to maintain a certain stock price, occasionally a reverse stock split is needed to increase the share price of a company.

Need help coordinating and putting together an investor relations strategy?  Need help walking through the process of a reverse stock split?  Cervitude Investor Relations can help.  Contact us today.

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