Investor Relations 101 : Policy on Stock Promotions

In this vlog about investor relations, we discuss stock promotion policies, as decribed by OTCMarkets, Inc.  For the link discussed in the video by visiting:

This is a must-read for OTC traded public companies looking to bring investor awareness to their over the counter traded stock.  While we summarize some of the points laid out by OTC Markets, we believe every investor relations agency dealing with penny stocks, micro-cap companies, and all public companies should have this printed and pasted to the wall where any online stock promotion efforts are taking place.

At Cervitude Intelligent Relations, we help microcap public companies and private businesses with all investor relations aspects; including gaining market support before and after an IPO, reverse merger or public company takeover.  Check out our other blog posts in our Investor Relations 101 series including business plans for investor relationspitch decks for investor relationspress releases for investor relations, corporate and investor relations websites and check out our YouTube vlogs on our Investor Relations 101 series “Investor Relations 101 : Individual Investor Meetings“, “Investor Relations 101 : In-housing Your IR Team“, “Investor Relations 101 : S.E.C. Form 8K“, “Investor Relations 101 : The Value of a Public Shell Company for Sale
and more.

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