Established Pizza Restaurant SWOT Analysis

Below is a sample Pizza Restaurant SWOT Analysis:


  • Nicky Nice Pizza has already been in business for more than 5 years and continues to be cash-flow positive. 
  • The company’s established customer base will continue to use the business, as our new location is within 2 miles of the previous. 
  • The aggressive and focused marketing campaign that we will run has with goals and strategies to create an immediate impact on the market and its participants.
  • The resumes of the cooks and founders are proven to have an established foothold in the geography where the pizza restaurant is established.


  • Nicky Nice Pizza will be undergoing a change in location. The outcome of this move will severely impact the business should results be unfavorable.
  • Our financial resources, such as funding, sources of income and investment opportunities limit our reach and impact in the market & renovation capabilities.
  • The abundance of other pizza restaurants and pre-made pizza options at the grocery store can hinder the restaurants’ growth plans..


  • The company’s new location will lead to increased exposure, which is anticipated to drastically increase revenues. 
  • The company will be hiring more staff and updating their equipment, allowing for more orders to be handled per day. 
  • The opportunity for Nicky Nice Pizza to franchise the business is greater due to the restaurant’s already established brand recognition.
  • The potential for the restaurant to pre-package dough, pizza, and other recipes to be sold online can potentially bring in more revenue.
  • The ability to use online applications like Uber Eats, Grub Hub and Slice to drive more traffic to the pizza restaurants business can be exploited.


  • New marketing strategies and tactics by established restaurants can limit the growth of our company.
  • The outcome of our first year in our new location is directly related to the future success of Nicky Nice Pizza.

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Established Pizza Restaurant SWOT Analysis

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