Investor Relations 101: Corporate & IR Websites

In this blog post about best practices for investor relation agencies and IR campaigns, we discuss how startups and microcap companies can utilize their online presence to effectively increase their investor relations efforts.  In our Investor Relations 101 series, we have discussed how IR campaigns and professionals can utilize and maximize certain practices, strategies and tools including business plans for investor relations, pitch decks for investor relations, press releases for investor relations and more.   In this blog post, we will discuss what the optimal website includes for investor relations purposes.

Cohesive branding with other investor relations strategies

When developing the website, microcap companies and startups should make sure that their website matches their other marketing efforts.  This includes having the logo the same as on their business cards or their pitch decks.  This also includes making sure that their content on their website matches that of the story told elsewhere.  you don’t want a press release to go out and then have a visitor see the website and read something completely different.  The same goes for any live appearances. I have seen companies present at investor conferences and then visit their website which tells a completely different story.  That is a big no, no!  Also, the domain name should make it clear which website they are on, using the corporation’s name is the best idea.  Find a great domain name via  or you can buy a domain for under $10 from Yahoo.

Make your website easily navigable

Make sure that people visiting your website can easily navigate the website for information.  Remember that the corporate site and the business site maybe two different sites.  For example, if you sell chocolate, you will have one eCommerce site and another corporate site that has your company information, management information, corporate history and information about company filings with securities agencies.  You can build a website easily with …if you have experience building websites and would like to host your own website, you can get 60% off on for hostings, domains and website building.

Include information about the company’s stock

A strong investor relations aspect of a corporate website includes information about the company’s stock ticker, the stock price and current filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Make sure to include a contact page for investor relations specifically

When developing a corporate website, a specific contact for investor relations is necessary.  While some visitors will want to know more about the company for some reason or another, some visitors will specifically be interested in investing in the company and will want to discuss those topics with someone knowledgeable.

Include investor conference the company will be attending

On the investor relations page, which should be a standalone page on the company’s corporate website, be sure to include any investor conferences where the company will be presenting.

Keep your IR / Corporate Website up to date

Do not let your corporate website go stale.  Make sure you keep up to date with the website.  Anything old should be removed and any new happenings in the business should be put on the website.

Optimize the website for SEO

Make sure that when someone searches for your company’s investor relations contact, your website shows up.  This means having a strong Search Engine Optimization strategy when developing the content on the website.  If you need help with SEO, we can definitely help or you can find freelancers online via

Collect data where you can on your IR page

People will eventually land on your webpage.  You may miss the opportunity to market to these visitors if they just land on your page and then bounce off.  you should include a place to capture their email or information to re-market to them later.

Advertise your website

Once you have developed a strong website with all investor relation aspects, advertise it.  Make sure the website link is on all social media channels managed by the company and where appropriate, run advertisements on search engines or blogs.

Final Thoughts

Investor relations websites are not literally standalone websites, normally, they are a page on a corporate website.  But make sure to include all the information stated above and if you need help developing your corporate website or investor relations website, contact us.

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