Investor Relations 101: Press Releases

When establishing an investor relations program, a critical component is the issuance of press releases about your company’s events and happenings.  Here at Cervitude Investor Relations, we specialize in marketing and handling investor relations for penny stock and microcap companies.  While many aspects of issuing a press release are standard, here are a few things to consider when writing a press release that will be a part of your investor relations program or company awareness campaign.

Find Your Story’s Angle

Every good news story has an angle and when a penny stock or micro-cap company distributes their press release, they should make sure it has an angle. You may want to tailor your press release to a certain audience or sector of the market to have the maximum impact.

Develop a Strong Headline

Write a strong headline that captures the attention of your potential audience.  Your headline should grab the attention of your reader quickly and let them know what the press release will inform them on.

Write the Body of the Press Release with concise and simple verbiage and include quotes

When writing the body of your press release, do not use words that the average reader will not understand and do not try to fill up the press release with extra or un-needed words.  Keep it concise and straight to the point.  Look at press releases from major companies and large corporations as a guide if necessary.  Make sure to include supporting details and if called-for, include a quote from a company executive.  Quotes are a great way to add to the story and they also simultaneously highlight company executives.

Include Contact Information

At the bottom of the press release, make sure to include your penny stock or microcap company’s contact information.  This should include your investor relations agents name, phone number and or email address so that intersted parties can followup on what they just read.

Use the 5 Ws as a guide to make sure you didn’t miss anything

A press release is written and distributed to inform readers about a particular happening.  Be sure to include the What (what is happening), Why (Why it is happening), Where (where it is happening), When (when it is happening, and the Who (Who is making it happen or who is it happening to).

Select a strong press release distribution platform

Once you finish writing the press release, you will need to pick a strong press release distribution company to make sure the news gets out on other platforms.  Here are some companies that we recommend:

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If you need a professional investor relations agency to handle your press release writing and distribution, Cervitude IR can help.  Contact us today to discuss your press release writing and distribution needs.



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