Developing and Filing Form 1A – Regulation A Offering Statement

When a company decides to reach investors using Regulation A, one of the biggest hurdles will be developing and filing Form 1A – Registration of Offering with the S.E.C.  The Form 1A, which is filed on the EDGAR systems with the S.E.C., is meant to tell the form 1a regulation a offering statementcomplete story of the company to potential investors AND disclose all information to the S.E.C.’s compliance department.  The purpose of the document, which acts as an offering circular, is to give potential investors enough information to make an informed decision on the potential investment.

With the prominence of the JOBS Act and new crowdfunding rules established under the JOBS Act, the Regulation A Offering Statement has become a more frequently used medium to register with the S.E.C. to raise capital for companies.

As used in the regulation, the term “offering statement” refers to the entire submission on Form 1-A, including the exhibits, while “offering circular” refers only to the narrative portion provided in Part II of the offering statement, which will be circulated to potential investors. The terms roughly correspond to the terms “registration statement” and “prospectus” in a registered public offering. Source:

Companies filing there securities offering under Regulation A, using Form 1A, will file under either Tier 1 or Tier 2.  The main difference being that all parties need to disclose their financials, but in Tier 2 issuing companies will need to provide audited financials for disclosure.

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