Uplisting Your Public Company

Being a public company is an achievement in itself. The smaller public company should always be in the pursuit of growth. While building a sustainable business, many smaller public companies uplist to a larger exchange to take advantage of more market makers, hedge funds, broker dealers, and other players that normally do not participate in the smaller public markets or OTC markets. By uplisting your company from a smaller exchange to a larger exchange, the business gains credibility and it allows the executive management team to close bigger deals.

If you are currently trading on the OTC markets or a smaller stock Exchange and are seeking to be listed on the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange, we can help.  We make the process of uplisting your company seamless. Our network a broker dealers, mezzanine financing, growth funds, stock transfer agents, legal professionals and market makers allow us to help smaller public companies gain access to larger investor pools on larger stock exchanges; in an efficient manner.

The financial regulations associated with up listing a company to a major stock exchange can be cumbersome to any business. Executives and management teams should be focused on growing the revenues of their business and not on the day today activities that are necessary when up listing a public company.  Our team ushers smaller public companies to major stock exchanges taking care of filing forms, communicating with stock exchanges, communicating with the SEC, communicating with Finra, and all other aspects of uplisting a public company.

Are you ready to set the road map to a major stock exchange? Contact our team to begin discussions about how we can help you or your client uplist their public company to a major stock exchange.

uplisting your public company



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