The Right Business Plan Writer Can Enhance Your Business

Putting together a business plan for any venture is a cumbersome process.  Details that don’t make it into a business plan can make or break a ventures’ chance of getting funded or attracting the right investors.  In some cases, a solid business plan can be the deciding factor of whether or not someone or some business will gain access or citizenship into the United States (such as the case with investor visa business plans like the business plan for the E2 Visa).

The right business plan writer will do more than put together a business plan, they will consult the best ways to launch or grow a business and put into place business plan tactics that will improve the chances of your business plan’s objectives.  Understanding the objectives of a business plan is critical to how well a business plan writer will be able to tailor your business plan to your audience, regardless of whether it is a group of investors, close friends, internal management or the immigration office of the USA.

Some questions you should consider asking a potential business plan writer include:

  • Have you ever written a business plan like this one?
  • How many business plans have you written?
  • Are you familiar with the business sector or industry I need a business plan written for?
  • What sections are included in the business plan you put together?
  • Do you meet the guidelines for a particular business plan? (In some cases, agencies or investors want specific items in the business plan).

An honest business plan writer will tell you that a business plan alone is not a silver bullet. In other words, simply putting together a business plan will not be the only deciding factor a person or agency will consider in funding a business or becoming a partner.  Even in the case of business plans presented to government organizations; there is always something else the organization wants in addition to your business plan.

For market research, you want to be sure that a business plan writer gives you an in-depth analysis to the market and industry that allows the reader to get a good idea of where that market or industry in trending. And of course, the cost of the business plan writer must be reasonable for it to be cost-effective.

Our process here at Cervitude is simple, we talk with a prospective client to get a good idea of what they are trying to accomplish with their business plan.  Once retained, we have an hour-long conference (sometimes shorter and sometimes longer) where we go over a questionnaire and get all the information needed to develop your business plan.  Once the questionnaire is completed with the client, the business plan is delivered in 7-14 days depending on the business plan package purchased.  Contact us today to discuss your business plan writing needs.


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