OTC & TSX Online & Social Media Investor Relations Timetable

Since inception our focus has been to cost-effectively bring investor awareness to smaller publicly traded companies otherwise known as nanocaps, microcaps or small cap companies and penny stocks.  While we offer traditional investor relation services we understand how online marketing and social media targeted IR campaigns are without a doubt disrupting how penny stocks and micro cap companies implementation of investor awesomeness programs.

Please note that the foregoing is a sample only and that services provided in the following sample IR timeline can be implemented as a package or individually. A sample timeline of how we schedule marketing efforts for online investor relations campaigns:

1) Initial Conference : We review by conference exactly what the company is and does and what story the company is looking to tell.  In this initial conference a timetable is established and set for content generation and dissemination.

2) Content Generation: This includes the pre-writing of press releases, twitter tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, blog posts and advertisements for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

3) Dissemination : This includes distributing press releases (per established timeline ), direct emails, social media posting and activating PPC advertisements.

Our Investor Relations Competitive Advantage 

There are over 3,500,000,000 people in the world with access to the internet.

Our social media and online investor relations campaigns are focused not just on reaching millions of people online, but reaching the right people online.  This means we target potential investors on which ever platform they may be on at any particular time.


For example, if the company seeking promotions is a gold mining company then pay-per-click ads will show when someone searches “gold mining companies” or “publicly traded gold mining companies” or “gold mining penny stocks”, Etc.  This means that we catch potential investors in front of the computer at the moment they are thinking about investing.  We can even limit the search to show your company only when the stock markets are open or when the stock markets are closed.  We can target investors with a very few limited keywords or a wide variety of keywords to capture larger audiences or very specific groups of people. This pay per click strategy in conjunction with our organic social media marketing allows us to reach people that are interested in companies like your company.

If traditional investor relations methods have not shown to be effective in your situation or you are looking to ramp up your investor relations efforts; then online marketing and social media investor relations may be the right fit for you or your client company. The world is changing and many investor relations companies continue to market penny stocks and micro cap companies to the same investor database that they marketed to over 5 years ago.  We are proud to be on the cutting edge of investor relations and understand that and investor relations budget must be effective in order for the penny stock or microcap stock to scale and grow and succeed. If you are looking for online investor relations or social media investor relations for your penny stock, small cap, or microcap stock, then give us a call or email us today.

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