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Driving smart interested traffic to your company or product is iatrical to the success of your business.  If you are traded over the counter or you are a public company penny stock; the more targeted your online traffic the better chance you have that the visitor or viewer is interested in buying your stock — and thus will create liquidity for your public company.

Started as a penny stock promotions company and online investor relations firm in 2012, we have helped dozens of startups and penny stocks market themselves to success.  MicroCapCompany_2

Our blog gets over 10,000 views per month from people searching penny stocks, penny stocks to buy, micro cap stocks, micro cap companies, micro cap investments, small cap companies to invest in, small cap investments and other keywords pertaining to the financing industry.

At Cervitude Intelligent Relations, we focus on making sure that the right people are seeing your story and company profile.  Penny stock promotions are tricky, if you tout, you come off like a pump and dump scheme and if you do nothing, liquidity will never happen for your company’s stock.  Our stock awareness campaigns are specifically tailored to drive ready and willing investors or potential customers to your company’s website or crowdfunding page.  In addition our social media promotion add-ons allows your company to stay in front of these potential investors or customers day in and day out on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and others.

To see the 2016 MicroCapCompany Media Kit click here.

If you need more information on promotions for your startup, OTC traded company, penny stock, micro cap stock, small cap stock or established venture, feel free to contact us today.



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