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Social Media is a powerful tool and the micro cap company or penny stock can take advantage of the masses online by utilizing platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc to bring awareness campaigns to their investor pool.  Penny Stock Investor Relations or Micro Cap Investor Relations has had a dramatic change in the recent years with a more cost-effective way of communicating to the investor public coming to the forefront.  No longer are traditional road shows and investor conferences the best way to approach or attract investors; regardless of whether they are retail investors or institutional investors.

The new-wave of penny stock promotions, micro cap investor relations & public company corporate awareness programs now hinge on being able to not only attract and reach potential investors, but retain them for the client after they are contacted.  Social Media accounts do just that!

A Twitter follower or Facebook like is more than a click of a button, it is the retention of an interested party long after the promotion is over.  These followers or likes allow for a company to re-engage with the user long after the initial campaign is done.  While these Social Media campaigns are not as effective for the institutional investor as they are for the retail investor, they serve a double purpose.  The Social Media Investor Relations programs not only attracts investors, but if done correctly will also attract customers to whatever niche the client company is in.  For example, a client company offering services in construction should not only gain a solid following of construction related investors, but also a following of those in need of construction related services.

In 2010, pioneered the way for Social Media Investor Relations for Micro Cap Companies and Penny Stocks and has grown its online presence since then.  Our blog,, generate traffic looking for investments in the micro cap sector and continues to be an outlet for smaller publicly traded companies to promote themselves cost efficiently.  Interested to learn more?  Email us at today to talk shop.

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