Marketing Micro Cap Monday: 3 Investor Relations Tips for Smaller Public Companies

It’s Monday May 12, 2014 and The Cervitude Network continues on it’s mission to bring awareness to micro cap companies, small cap companies and under publicized penny stocks.

Regardless of whether you are publicly traded or are trading over the counter, there are a few tips that a CEO or Investor Relations agency can follow when trying to market their company to the investing public.  Unlike the past, attracting and retaining your prospective market is easier than ever.  Here are 5 Investor Relations Marketing Tips that may help you or your client company gain the attention it seeks:

The Elevator Pitch, Used More Than Just in The Elevator

If your company’s business model can not be explained in 30 seconds or less, we may have a problem.  The elevator pitch is more than just for the prospective investor at the Sidoti Micro Cap Conference.  In today’s world of Social Media, Email Blasts and countless financial blogs; you need a strong pitch that will get the point across to prospective investors in 140 characters of less.  No, twitter may not be the best source to run a micro cap investor relations program, but the amount of space they allow for a tweet is about the right length for your elevator pitch.

Leverage Your Existing Shareholder Base

As a Micro Cap, Small Cap or Penny Stock Executive (or IR agent), you have access to the existing shareholder list.  If you are looking to raise awareness, a great place to start is with investors that already have a holding in your company.  Not only do you have the means to reach them directly (usually through mail, since their address is on file), but you know they are interested because they already bought the stock.  If they bought when the stock was higher and are currently “in the red” on their investment, this communication would remind them to buy-down the stock.  If they are up on their investment, the communication will remind them how good of a run they are having and that management is active.

Drive Online Traffic to Retain Prospective Investors

Online marketing for penny stocks and micro cap companies is embedded in most investor relations programs.  But don’t stop there.  An IR firm or Executive should be aware that the money spent in online marketing should be able to be re-used for the next few years.  Retaining prospective investors online after issuing a press release, blog post, article on an Internet magazine or via social media is easier than ever.  Constant Contact and MailChimp are two services which allow you to “mass email”, “mass newsletters” as well as place “sign up links” and “sign up forms” anywhere you can publish on the Internet.  This allows you to collect emails, phone numbers and even addresses right after an Internet user reads an article, tweet or post.

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