Micro Cap, Startup and Smaller Public Companies Seek Investor Relations via Social Media

Traditional investor relations is dead. Startup ventures as well as public companies are taking advantage of social media as a means to reach customers and investors. A cost-effective social media campaign and web presence seems to be the new wave of Investor Relations within the micro caps actor, which includes penny stocks.

The old fashioned investor relations campaigns included press releases and road shows including appearances at expensive investor conferences. While these tactics are not completely outdated, money is better spent reaching a larger audience via websites and social media accounts and other social media outlets that are niche to what the company is looking for…..

Here at Cervitude we provide both. While we are well versed in issuing press releases for public companies and making appointments at investor road shows, we have a knack for making companies connections via social media and the Internet.

It puzzles us to see public companies in the tech sector especially without any social media presence. In retail as well, companies without strong social media campaigns are lacking potential revenue from the millions of buyers online. Regardless of whether you are looking to establish relationships with investors, CEOs, customers or suppliers….Cervitude’s Social Media & Web Program can help. Give us a call today to talk shop.

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