Co-Signer, Inc. (OTCQB:COSR), Nation’s Premier Residential Lease Guarantor Engages Cervitude Network to Advance Corporate Awareness


Subsequent to their recent announcement surpassing several thousand residential units that now accept their residential rent assurance services, Co-Signer, Inc. (OTCQB:COSR) has advanced its brand by engaging The Cervitude Network, a social media platform dedicated to building online communities around corporations and the products and services they develop and deliver.

The Service
The nation’s premier provider of commercial guarantees for residential leases, Co-Signer leads the development of this new real estate services sub-sector.  Success drivers include:

  • Growing demand for rent assurance in a restrictive tenant-approval environment
  • Win-win value that provides new housing opportunities for tenants while expanding demand and improving cash flow for landlords
  • Proprietary approval algorithms that help drive low default ratios and maximize profitability
  • Clear value with tenant borne fees usually less than additional security and rent deposits required from tenants with low credit scores

Co-Signer’s Growth Strategy
Make corporate lease guarantees standard industry practice through multi-channel, regional and national landlord and property manager awareness programs that emphasize service reliability, ROI and mutual value for tenants and landlords.  Add strategic services such as housing referral and tenant screening.

Stock Symbol: COSR
State of Incorporation: Nevada
Shares Outstanding: 103,555,560
Recent Price: $.08/share
Counsel: Cane Clark
Auditor: Silberstein Ungar PLLC

New Management’s Strategy:  Shift from Targeting Applicants to Targeting Landlords
Upon the company’s reacquisition in July 2013, management recognized issues with the existing strategy that emphasized attracting applicants for residential leases without a wider, national base of accepting landlords resulting in a revenue mix weighted heavily toward application fees from internet sourced tenant applicants vs. longer sell cycle but larger surety fees that result from referrals to a growing national acceptance network of landlords and property managers.

In order for the Company to place applicants and close surety contracts, a broader base of landlords accepting the Co-Signer guarantee was required.  In response, management implemented a landlord targeted, multi-channel marketing and sales effort including a growing call center campaign, attendance at national trade conferences, like the National Association of Realtors Conference and Expo in San Francisco on November 8-11 along with other landlord and trade educational channels.  The Company’s deployment of Cervitude’s online and social media platform is a part of its corporate awareness plan.

Recent Milestone
Their efforts seem to be taking hold with the announcement last week of their 100th landlord, a milestone that cumulatively represents thousands of residential units throughout the United States that now accept Co-Signer’s lease guarantee.

The Company’s intends to prioritize efforts to grow that number to a point where frequency of successful placements improve and their sell cycle shortens, accelerating growth of surety fee revenue.

Vast Market:  Landlords & Residential Rental Units
Of the approximately 39 million residential rental units located in the United States, about 18 million of them renew every year.  With a quarter of US adults holding credit scores below 600, the availability of a Co-Signer’s guarantee expands the size of the rental market by making more lease applicants eligible and credit-worthy, driving demand for landlords and expanding housing options for millions of families with marginal credit.

Cervitude Network
“Cervitude’s mission is to streamline access to capital for emerging companies like by facilitating dialogue with and among investors through social networking and online brand optimization,” states Patrick Gaynes, Cervitude CEO.  “The clarity of Co-Signer’s market opportunity and value proposition makes this collaboration especially exciting for the Cervitude team.”

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