Social Media Management specifically for the micro cap: The New Wave of Investor Relations

Running a publicly traded company or over-the-counter traded company is hard enough, and having to deal with the image of looking alive and well is a whole other story. Startup firms and newly publicly traded companies constantly have issues with managing their social media outlets.

Our niche focus on penny stocks and micro cap companies allowed us to provide investor relations programs that are bar none of above the class. We understand how to talk to people on Twitter or Facebook and know how to get traffic to your website to attract not only accredited investors but also customers.

Unlike your average penny stock or micro cap investor relations firm, we are focused on making your company better and bigger than it was before you contracted us to market you. Having access to proprietary stock promotion websites is just the start of our social media management for micro cap companies. Our social media investor relations campaigns make sure that if you sell oranges, people that buy oranges will know about you.

To learn more about our social media investor relations programs, or if you have questions about any investor relations packages, please email us at to schedule an appointment to talk to an investor relations consultant.

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