OTC and micro cap companies need not target the retail investor during investor relations IR campaigns.

The world of the micro cap company has undergone major changes over the last decade. Of the upmost importance is the way penny stocks and micro cap companies traditionally perform online and offline investor relations campaigns.

With regulation constantly scrutinizing the micro cap sector, today only accredited investors with qualified trading accounts are allowed to purchase OTC company stocks. This has led to major fraud by many online penny stock promotion companies claiming they can bring a micro cap company in front of thousands of investors per day. The inconvenient truth is that the retail investor for micro cap companies does not exist. And the only investor left to target if you are a penny stock is an accredited investor.

You can see the SEC website for more information on what qualifies as an accredited investor. To summarize an accredited investor is one with the means to lose the total investment or with the expertise and knowledge necessary to invest in high-risk stocks such as those found in the over-the-counter markets.

Cervitude IR  has a focus on attracting accredited investors who are qualified to invest in micro cap companies. Our blog network is not like other penny stock promotion websites which simply release news and articles about companies. Our websites act as a hub where private equity, public equity, and accredited investors look to seek out the newest and best deals in the OTC market. To set up a campaign that focuses on attracting accredited investors, please email us today.

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