A Letter to the Micro Cap CEO by Cervitude Investor Relations

Dear Micro Cap OTC Company CEO,

We here at Cervitude Investor Relations started our Internet based promotions well over a year ago to compensate for the lack of coverage in the micro cap arena.  We realized the plethora of small public companies that had no cost effective way to promote the fact that they were trading their stock in a marketplace.  Moreover we set out to answer the tough questions OTC, Nasdaq, and Amex executives have.  Officers and directors of public companies often find themselves asking:

– Why doesn’t the stock price properly reflect the true value of our company?
– Why aren’t more investors interested in our company?
– How do we increase awareness of our company within the investment community?
– Can we improve the liquidity of our stock?
– How do we expand our shareholder base?
– Are we handling investor inquiries effectively? – How can we prepare the market for our next financing?

Investors are just like any customer.  They must be constantly reminded of the value of what you’re selling.  Shares of your company are no exception.  Investors must be informed in a systematic way, if you want to increase the number of investors who own your stock. With a significant number of investors purchasing stock in your company, liquidity improves, enhancing your company’s ability to access capital to finance growth.

Our programs are designed to meet all regulatory requirements and the information needs of investors.  To relieve senior management of this time consuming task, Cervitude Micro-cap Investor Relations enables small and medium size public companies to out-source the investor relation function or develop an effective in-house program by utilizing our team, our experience and our investor relations industry connections.  A properly designed investor relations program will dramatically increase your company’s visibility within the investment community.

Program options include:

– Email & Internet marketing: Reach millions of U.S. and European investors.
– Research reports.
– Road Shows.
– Broker conference calls.
– Radio shows.
– Television interviews.
– Receive a contact representative.
– Design of investor packets.
– Media exposure.

We look forward to hearing about your company and tailoring the right IR plan for your micro cap company.  Please email us
Kind Regards,

The Cervitude IR Team

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