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Running a public company is a huge undertaking, promoting and marketing the fact that your stock is available to be purchased over-the-counter (OTC) should not be.  Here at Cervitude Investor Relations, we believe that promoting a public company in today’s digital era should be cost efficient enough to grow OTC and small cap companies, not drain their bank account.

Our main goal is to create company awareness in the following areas:

  1. Stock Ticker Promotions: Showing the OTC internet investing world your company’s name and stock ticker will drive traffic to search and learn about your company.
  2. OTC Stock Profiles: Profiling OTC, and other traded companies, advertising and marketing their products and services.
We offer a wide array of promotional campaigns for public companies and OTC companies looking to generate a buzz via the world-wide web.  Our stock promotion websites offer many niche keyword domains geared toward attracting potential investment to small companies and providing simultaneously a platform for small companies to promote themselves and the fact that they are now public or traded OTC.  Learn more about investor relations packages available and feel free to contact an investor relations representative.

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