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If you are looking for professional small cap stock promotions, then you have reached the right company.  Cervitude Investor Relations is a premier small cap stock promotions syndicate capable of spreading the message of any small cap company to interested small cap stock investors.  Our niche stock promotion websites, including but not limited to and are geared towards reaching people interested in buying small cap stocks.

Our small cap stock promotions packages are the most cost efficient in the industry of stock promotions, starting at just $1,000, we can reach millions of eager small cap and penny stock investors in one single campaign.  Promoting your public company is as easy as an email (, simply tell us your budget for your stock promotions and we will make sure that the word gets out about your company’s name, business, and stock ticker.

Our stock promotion network includes financial news-wires, blogs, twitter accounts, facebook accounts, and more to make sure that your company’s stock or client’s stock ticker gets the promotion a public company deserves.  If your small cap company has little or no trading volume, then give us a call at 203-892-5782 or send us an email and we can design a custom small cap stock promotions package to make sure investors around the world know about your company.

We are ethically aggressive on the pursuit to promote small cap companies and we work to comply with all S.E.C. regulations.  Cevitude Investor Relations can also write the S.E.C. on your company’s behalf to assure that stock promotions or other issues are complying with S.E.C. regulations.  Call us today!

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