Micro Cap Marketing: Stock Promotions vs Company Awareness

In the world of Micro Cap Marketing, two terms of art seem to be at the forefront of all promotions: Stock Promotions and Company Awareness Campaigns.

So what is the difference between stock promotions and a company awareness campaign, not much. In general the SEC as well as various bodies of law amount to the circumstances where a “stock” should not be promoted per se, rather marketing companies focus on promoting the company. So while some promoters send out press releases for penny stocks or small cap/micro cap companies quoting their stock price or monthly moving average, others simply write press releases and articles about the companies products. The latter is considered a Company Awareness Campaign as the term has been used as of lately.

Here at Cervitude™, we offer custom-made packages for investor relations programs, mainly focused on companies with a market cap under 250 million. Our platform includes over a dozen websites focused on nano/micro/small cap companies, their management, and products. The networks allow small companies to send our press releases in a niche medium so that a crowd already focused on investing in small-sized companies will be able to see a company’s information or message world-wide. Some programs start as little as $999.99 for a company profile campaign.

The focus of Cervitude.com to serve as the premier small cap promotions company drives us everyday to provide public awareness through our small cap company awareness campaigns, small cap stock promotions, and general marketing related to small cap stocks.

Email us at Cervitude@Ymail.com for more information or give us a call at 203-685-0346.  Our Stock Promotions Service Team is available 9am-5pm (Mountain Time) to answer any questions you may have.


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