Email Packages

Our subscriber based emailing list is Can-Spam compliant and niche to reach very specific retail investor.  Our list of subscriber based opt-in sites are listed below including cost-per-thousand emails (general minimums apply).  The percentage of clicks or opens in your email campaign in guaranteed to 5%, this means you will be certain that this “open percentage” will be reached, GUARANTEED.

Maverick Traders– 150,000 size-$70 CPM-Robust trader
and investor subscriber base

Free Investing Offers-125,000 size-$75 CPM-Broad
based investing offer seekers

Phenom Investors-125,000-$75 CPM-Active list of responsive
traders and investors

Financial Advisor Tools-200,000-$80 CPM-All types of
Financial Advisors

Best Forex Trading Systems-90,000-$75 CPM-Active
Forex traders

Gold/Precious Metals Investors-60,000 (growing)-$90
CPM-All PM/Gold offer openers

Penny Stock Investors-100,000-$75 CPM-IR Campaign
Openers for low priced stocks

Options Traders-40,000 $80 CPM-Options offer clickers

General Minimum Order: $25,000

Minimum List Update Frequency: Every 4 weeks
Delivery: Within 48 hours of final creative approval
CAN-SPAM Compliant: We honor suppression files and advertiser
specific opt-outs.

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