A CEO’s trip to the Sidoti & Company, LLC Micro Cap Conference

In trying to build a media empire, I took a trip to The Sidoti & Company, LLC Micro Cap Conference to look, listen, understand, and seek to improve this world of ours.   In doing so I talked with several CEOs (all CEOs were extremely accessible) and even ran into the Sidoti brothers, Peter and James.  There were about 75 companies listed so there was no way you could meet with every CEO and a few didn’t show, but overall the conference was filled with exactly what was expected; microcaps. 

As founder of microcaps.info and pennystockcentral.info (and numerous others of the same sort) I went to sell my company’s newsletter/internet magazine.  I also went to shop for a deal in the stock market.  Now let’s not forget where we are, the micro cap sector, the most riskiest of investments (one man I worked with as an intern at NYSE called the otc and pink sheets the wild wild west).  That being said I like risk so this place was heaven for me.  One man next to me was explaining to me how large institutions and a legitimate CFO of sorts would be fired if he bought into OTC or Pink Sheets, understandable the giggle I got from the irony.   What I saw was a group of leaders, bosses, under one roof.  The company that stood out, that receives a A+ rating; Sidoti, I love my food and they fed me like a king.  No seriously, thank you  Peter and James, classy.

I spoke with Jeff Watson, President of WORLDWIDE Energy and Manufacturing, and Kelly Anderson, Executive Vice President, CFO of T3 Motion.  I also bumped into James S Marcelli, CEO of Lightwave Logic, INC.  I sat down to see Leneco Mobile Inc. and Synergetics give presentations.  I had targeted all these companies before I attended and I saw what I wanted to see, leaders with ideas.  The question remains whether they can execute.  Realizing this, I have dubbed 2011 as the year of execution. 

I also went with my business plan, operating agreement, and annual report to see if I could attract some venture capital.  The one firm was oversubscribed, but investment bankers could easily be found any and everywhere.  Again, Sidoti was the factor.

Personally, the one thing that lacked was vision.  There was a bunch of discussion on financials, products, and resumes, but no that made the jaw drop or at least no vision.  The micro cap sector is attractive to me for one reason, the CEOs aka the leaders.  These are the people who make your investment go up or down.  I look forward to working with these CEOs and leaders and hope to find a vision of a better world, and with that profits will be reaped.  Is Hômescape™ LLC going to hold any of these stocks?  As a CEO moving your company’s money shouldn’t be taken lightly, sleep on it, if its your deal, it will be there.

Changing the world,

Nicholas G Coriano
CEO, Hômescape™ LLC

email at homescape.llc@gmail.com

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